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Night Flasher

Night Flasher

The RoadQuip® Nightflasher is ideal to use at construction sites as a warning light or at emergency situations during the night. Available in the standard version of our new LED technology, (100,000 hours) low power consumption and longer battery life.

The double sided RoadQuip® Night Flasher is an effective standalone warning light. The unit is waterproof and is visible up to 800m far in darkness. It can be mounted onto the Xpress 200 water-filled barrier, XpressBarrier, RoadQuip® Barrier Cone or any other suitable mounting device.

For other than barricade uses, this unit is a stable, portable companion for marking roadways and hazardous conditions or disabled vehicles.



   - Construction sites
   - Accidents
   - Roadblocks


   - Weatherproof
   - Available in amber, blue and red
   - Robust – long life span
   - Photo-electric day/night switch