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Speed BumpsSpeed Bumps - RoadQuip® Speed Bumps have a unique shape to effectively slow vehicles of all sizes on various speed roads. Speed Bumps are highly visible on bitumen, brick paving and concrete surfaces. This ensures that motorists see the bumps before they approach and have ample time to slow down.

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Xpress BumpsXpress Bumps - The RoadQuip® Xpress Bump is a portable speed calming system that can be deployed within 60 seconds by one person in order to effectively slow down speeding vehicles. The Xpress Bump effectively slows down speeding vehicles, requires no installation and is fully portable.

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Rubber Speed BumpsRubber Speed Bumps - RoadQuip® Rubber Speed Bumps have a unique shape to safely slow down speeding vehicles and reduce the risk of accidents. With a one year warrantee, our speed bumps are designed to carry all types of traffic.

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Futura Expanding BarrierFutura Expanding Barrier - The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is an extremely versatile, portable multi-purpose barrier that is ideal for effective road or pedestrian closures. It can also serve as a shielding barrier to demarcate dangerous areas. The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is the ideal barricade to keep motorists and pedestrians away from hazardous areas.
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Xpress NetXpress Net - The RoadQuip® XpressNet is ideal for demarcating and cordoning off dangerous areas. It can be used for the protection of construction sites, work zones or to keep unauthorised persons from entering an area. Its bright orange colour is sure to be noticed.

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Barrier ConesBarrier Cones - RoadQuip® Barrier Cones, which are 1,8m in height, are mainly used at open cast mines. RoadQuip® Barrier cones are used to demarcate the edges of open pit roads, as well as to indicate various areas within the mine.

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Traffic ConesTraffic Cones -Traffic cones are used to indicate, demarcate, warn or delineate an area. Road cones are also widely used for construction, mining, industry, traffic, police and military and in various sports as a training tool. RoadQuip® Traffic cones are manufactured from flexible high visibility dayglo plastic material with the colour moulded into the cone and a heavy base to keep the traffic cone upright and on the road.
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Convex MirrorConvex Mirror - Road marking stencils are made of a semi-rigid virtually unbreakable plastic. These road marking stencils adhere to the traffic ordinance sizes. RoadQuip® Road Marking Stencils are easy to use – just place them down using the spacers provided and apply paint.

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Parking Reservation LockParking Reservation Lock - The RoadQuip® Parking Bay Reserver is an effective way to dedicate parking bays for clients or tenants or to reserve disabled parking bays. The parking reserver is mounted one third into the parking space, with the reserver panel locked in an upright position to reserve a parking. The parking reserver is left in the down position for the time the car is parked in the bay and is raised and locked into position when the vehicle exits.

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Wheel ClampWheel Clamp - The RoadQuip® Wheel Clamp is an effective and quick solution for solving illegal parking situations. RoadQuip® wheel clamps are trusted for fast, secure immobilisation of most vehicles. When fitted and locked over a tyre, the clamping device prevents the car from being driven away.
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Futura DelineatorFutura Delineator - The Futura Delineator is specifically designed as a highly visible traffic re-director, enabling emergency personnel to re-direct traffic (both day- and night-time) from accident scenes, chemical spills or other emergency situations. Can also be used effectively in short and medium term construction work to protect work zones.
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3in1 Portable Signage3in1 Portable Signage - The RoadQuip® 3-in-1 portable road signage system is designed to meet the needs of the emergency services such as police, traffic, medical, and emergency repair work crews.

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Night FlasherNight Flasher - The RoadQuip® Nightflasher is ideal to use at construction sites as a warning light or at emergency situations during the night. Available in the standard version of our new LED technology, (100,000 hours) low power consumption and longer battery life.

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Queuing SystemQueuing System - The RoadQuip® chain link system is an economical and cost-effective queuing system. The 1m high powder coated post comes complete with either a square or round base and is linked to other posts using a plastic chain. This plastic chain is available in various colours.

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Rotating LightsRotating Lights - The RoadQuip® Rotomaxi II rotating light is specifically designed for the high-end automotive market and the hard use construction industry. The compact design of this rotating light uses up little space and offers a powerful magnetic and suction fixation. Wind tunnel tested up to 240 km/h.

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Xpress 2000 BarrierExpress 2000 Barrier - Xpress 2000 Barrier – this popular water filled barrier has been used at road construction and building sites as a vehicle barrier for the past decade. The Xpress 2000 Barrier is a great alternative to concrete barriers, no cranes or forklifts are required.

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Flexi BollardFlexi Bollard - The RoadQuip® Flexi Bollard is ideal for stopping “red” or “yellow” line parking. The Flexi Bollard effectively prevents illegal parking between disabled parking bays. The bollard is installed between these parking bays as a width indicator to prevent illegal parking situations. The bollard also serves as an effective depth indicator for opposite parking bays.

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Marking StencilMarking Stencils - Road marking stencils are made of a semi-rigid virtually unbreakable plastic. These road marking stencils adhere to the traffic ordinance sizes. RoadQuip® Road Marking Stencils are easy to use – just place them down using the spacers provided and apply paint.

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DemarkorDemarkor - Traffic Director

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