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Xpress Net

Xpress net

The RoadQuip® XpressNet is ideal for demarcating and cordoning off dangerous areas.

It can be used for the protection of construction sites, work zones or to keep unauthorised persons from entering an area. Its bright orange colour is sure to be noticed.






   - Warning barricade on construction or building sites
   - Hazardous areas
   - Events
   - New grass areas
   - Redirection of traffic in parking areas, airports, fields, etc.
   - Pedestrian control
   - Recreational fencing
   - Crowd control
   - Sporting events


   - Highly visible plastic orange fence
   - 50 meters per roll
   - 1.20m in height (available in 1m height on request)
   - Colour: Dayglo Orange (colours on request, minimum order required)
   - Economical and cost-effective
   - Lightweight yet strong – 9 kg per 50m roll
   - Easy to erect
   - Can be re-used
   - Compact and easy to store
   - Weather-resistant and UV stable
   - RoadQuip XpressNet is made of environmental friendly HDPE.
   - Produced by a new extrusion process, providing enormous strength and flexibility