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Flexi Traffic Cones

Flexi Traffic Cones 

Traffic cones are used to indicate, demarcate, warn or delineate an area. Road cones are also widely used for construction, mining, industry, traffic, police and military and in various sports as a training tool. RoadQuip® Traffic cones are manufactured from flexible high visibility dayglo plastic material with the colour moulded into the cone and a heavy base to keep the traffic cone upright and on the road..

RoadQuip® Flexi Traffic Cones are classified as soft cones and are available in various sizes, from 300 mm to 1000 mm high.(refer to our table of sizes), Because Roadquip’s cones are soft and flexible there is no damage to a vehicle that drives over the cone.

Our range of cones includes general purpose traffic cones, barrier cones, personalized cones and flash dome cones.

A heavy base on all our cones ensures that the RoadQuip® cone does not topple easily. Reflective sleeves ensure high visibility at night. These cones are compact, easily stackable and therefore easy to store.


   - Traffic Control
   - Demarcation
   - Road closures
   - Sports
   - Delineation


   - No damage to vehicles due to its highly flexible structure
   - One-piece cone giving strength, manufactured from virgin PVC
   - High-gloss Dayglo Orange
   - UV Stabilised
   - Highly visible day and night*
   - Heavy base that does not topple
   - Durable and easy to clean
   - Available in 350, 450, 600, 750 and 1000 mm high
*Optional: Reflective sleeves.