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3in1 Portable Signage

3in1 Portable Signage

The RoadQuip® 3-in-1 portable road signage system is designed to meet the needs of the emergency services such as police, traffic, medical and emergency repair work crews.

The 3-in-1 portable signage system is used very effectively by emergency services and traffic police as warning signs when accidents occur or for the purpose of roadblocks. The portable signage system comprises an all-weather, go anywhere portable signage system.

The system is lightweight and takes up very little space in a vehicle, yet provides a large visual surface on the road. The 3-in-1 system is highly compact and transportable.




   - Emergency road works
   - Accidents
   - Surveying
   - Road blocks
   - Security checkpoints


   - Lightweight
   - The design allows for multiple signs in a single system
   - Take up very little space
   - Easy to use
   - Reflective
   - Interchangeable
   - A large variety of standard road signs
   - Customized signs to meet various requirements
   - Signs are manufactured according to the SADC Road Traffic Manual