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Queuing System

Queuing System

The RoadQuip® chain link system is an economical and cost-effective queuing system.

The 1m high powder coated post comes complete with either a square or round base and is linked to other posts using a plastic chain. This plastic chain is available in various colours.







   - Shopping centres
   - Banks
   - Shops
   - Demarcation of pedestrian walkways
   - Special events
   - Warehouses
   - Offices
   - Reception areas
   - Pedestrian control


Powder coated steel post
   - Available in black or white (other colours on request)
   - Post – 1m high, 50 mm in diameter, round

Plastic chain is used to link posts
   - Chains are available in white, blue, red, yellow & black, or red/white, black/yellow
   - Chain available in 25m packs

Indoor or outdoor use

   - Robust, black rubber base (round or square)
   - Low-cost chain and post system